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About Us

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While health has become one of the biggest ‘business sectors’ in the world, several ground-level aspects regarding the same remain unaddressed. With roots in the socio-economic situations of masses, health issues become a cultural problem. It must be understood from the perspective of people’s way, style and standard of living. As this analysis can be done through various methods, awareness regarding it can be spread through different mediums. Aarogya Film Festival, an initiative of the P.M. Shah Foundation, combines the zest to spread awareness about health with the ever-effective medium of cinema. Beginning with 2011, we have showcased films that have focused on, explored and portrayed a health issue with all its contextual gravity.

Graced with the presence of several respected film personalities and eminent social activists, the festival has proved to be stimulus for discourses on the ignored facets of health. With the 11th edition this year, Aarogya Film Festival expanding its horizons. With an overwhelming response in the past 10 years, our motive is to discover films that are made in nooks and corners of various countries. That bring out untold stories regarding health and weave them in a cinematic experience. We also want to encourage making of such films and ultimately, build a substantial awareness about health across all sections of society.


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