P.M. Shah Foundation


Welcome to P.M. Shah Foundation

P.M. Shah Foundation, the organisers of the Aarogya Film Festival, is a non-government social organisation dedicated to the cause of health awareness and preventive healthcare. Through various ingenious programmes, it has reached out to the most neglected strata of society. From sex workers to female jail inmates to school students, it has worked on several alarming issues like HIV/AIDS, female foeticide, personal hygiene and sanitation.

Established in 2006, the organisation stands on the vision of late P.M. Shah. Adv. Chetan Gandhi materialised this vision with various camps, projects and preventive healthcare measures. ‘HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme’ (including health camp for children of sex workers), ‘Survey of School Drinking Water and Sanitation’ and ‘Yerwada Jail Camp for Female Inmates and Their Children are some of our key programmes. Apart from this, the foundation also organises lectures on various health issues under the title “Doctor at Your Doorstep” on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Through Aarogya Film Festival, P.M. Shah Foundation takes on a new, creative medium to create awareness about health issues. We invite short films and documentaries from the world over, so that we can share, understand and contribute in the resolution of health problems faced by our fellow beings. It is an entirely collaborative enterprise, thriving on human empathy and collective will.